“Nothing we do is more important than hiring people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not strategies.”
Lawrence Bossidy

Our recruiting services focus on delivering quality candidates that you are proud to have a part of your workforce. Our team works with you to customize our vetting process to ensure we provide candidates that
meet your requirements and expectations.

Services Include
  • Communication between the employer and our team concerning openings, placements, and assigned employee management.
  • Conflict resolution assistance.

  • Payroll processing and distribution for assigned employees based on our guidelines.

  • Withholding and transmitting payroll taxes for assigned employees.

  • Unemployment insurance and worker’s compensation benefits for assigned employees.

  • Termination processing.

  • Initial Interview: Interview performed over phone. Our HR Advisor confirms the candidate meets the requirements and understands the position through basic interview questions.

  • Secondary Interview: Performed in person at our office. Situational interview questions based on the position to provide our HR Advisor with the critical understanding of how the candidate will react in specific circumstances. During this interview, a skill assessment is conducted if applicable. This will be built based on the position’s specific needs.

  • Personality Assessment: If applicable, a 16Personality assessment will be sent to the candidate via email to complete within 24hours. This will be added to their portfolio and candidates will be filtered based on results.

  • References: Three professional references will be verified. Due to employers being limited to their answers, our HR Advisor will ask specific questions to receive responses that will allow them to filter based on the need of the position.
  • Portfolio: At this time, our team will send the employer the candidates’ portfolios for final interview approval. This group of candidates will be narrowed down to the best candidates for the position.
  • On-site Interview: Once approved, our team will coordinate an on-site interview with the candidate and the position supervisor or approved person. A team member is available to be involved in the interview upon request. An in-person skills check may be performed by the employer at this time.
  • Drug Screening: Once employer approves of a candidate for placement, we will send the candidate for a 9-panel drug screening through Tanner Occupational Health. Random drug screenings are available upon request.
  • Temporary to hire employees are available for direct hire after 520 consecutive hours worked at no additional fee.
  • Direct hire employees are available for immediate hire with an associated fee.

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