The Human Resources department of a company is responsible for a number of functions that supports the business’s success. While small and mid-size companies tend to overlook the need to staff a full-time department, they could benefit greatly from getting assistance from an HR consultant.
Your consultant provides support for a strong foundation and assistance as issues arise. Partnering with an HR consultant can only provide valuable resources for companies.

Services Include
  • The HR Manager will be available 24/7 for the employer and employees. If at any time there is an issue or question the HR Manager may be reached via email, call, or text.

  • If at any time your HR Manager will not be available, proper information will be given as a backup contact well in advance.

  • On-site visits will be routine and scheduled ahead of time if preferred.

  • The employer may request additional on-site visits for any assistance in HR administration or employee issue.

Recruit and Retain Talent
  • Our team will assist in the design of job descriptions and recruitment of candidates that meet the employer’s requirements and expectations.
  • We will perform our detailed vetting process to properly screen candidates. Process includes: 3 interviews, situational based questionnaire, 9-panel drug screenings (random screenings available), personality/skill assessments, criminal background checks, and 3 professional references verified.
  • An employee portfolio will be created, shared, and filed.

  • Performance reviews will be developed and your HR Manager will assist in the implementation. Our team is able to give guidance in the process of employee reviews to prepare you to conduct them routinely, efficiently, and within compliance. Employee reviews help an employer monitor an employee’s performance over time and aid in employee retention.
  • Aid in the coordination of orientation and training with the position supervisor and the employee. The employer will administer the training and onboarding orientation on-site, but our team is able to help define the process and assist in anyway the employer wishes.

  • Coordinate any additional training for the employee as decided by the employer.

Policy and Manual Development
  • Whether the employer has a great policy foundation already built or no policies in place, our team will ensure regulatory and safety compliance for the employer.

  • As changes need to be made, our team will assist with the changes and distribute to employees on the order of the employer.
Employee Lifecycle
  • Our team will assist in employee conflict issues. The HR Manager will advise the employer on Corrective Action Reports or Write-ups for employee actions that are against policies and/or the employee manual.
  • Retention strategies will be developed with the employer.

  • An employee review system will be established, and HR Manager will prepare the employer on how to properly conduct reviews based on the state Department of Labor guidelines.
  • HR Manager will assist in the development of termination and layoff procedures and prepare the employer on how to properly conduct reviews based on the state Department of Labor guidelines.
Regulatory Compliance
  • The HR Manager and our team will ensure the employer stays compliant for the State of Georgia and Federal tax laws, Discrimination & Harassment regulations, Wage & Hours laws, and Health Care Reform.

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